We specialize in live bait fishing on the bay systems around the Texas Coastal Bend.

We target Trout, Redfish, Black Drum, Flounder, & Sheepshead with the greatest emphasis on Trout and Redfish. Whether you wade-fish, fish from the boat, live bait or artificial, we will strive to make your fishing trip an adventure to remember.

Your adventure starts when we step on the Captain’s boat. As we leave the dock out of Rockport Texas,the beauty of the shallow bays and flats unfold as the sun transforms the grey half-light of dawn into a miraculous display of color that defies description. The water, reefs, shorelines, and birds create a magical paradise for your adventure. We will catch some fish, experience the wonders of the flats, have a lot of fun, and do our best to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Aside from a fun filled fishing adventure, the idea of a fishing trip is to catch fish. We have made live bait fishing a specialty, day in and day out the live bait method seems to be the most productive. We prefer to use this method while fishing from the boat, which allows us to not only fish the flats but deep-water reefs as well.

Live bait is not the only method to catch fish and we welcome anyone who is up to the artificial bait challenge. Should you choose to use the artificial bait, we will spend the day fishing for trout and redfish.

We can also accommodate the wade fisherman. Whatever your preference, we will make every effort to insure your trip will become a memorable adventure.


We are extremely fortunate to have the abundance of fish here in Rockport Texas, that we do and we try to keep it that way by being careful what we kill. Twenty-eight inch plus trout and thirty inch plus redfish are something we don’t catch every day. By taking a lot of pictures, measuring and releasing the huge ones we will be able to enjoy catching these big fish for years to come. The pictures and measurements will yield a fiberglass mount that is better than any skin mount and besides the smaller ones taste better. If a large bag of fillets is your only reason for a guided trip, then a trip to the local fish market might be a better investment. We are not trying to be extreme, just responsible.

What we Provide

We provide everything needed for a memorable fishing adventure out of Rockport Texa. From the knowledge of the bays and expertise on the water to the rods, reels, bait, and lures. We also provide bottled water, ice and an ice chest for your food and drinks. At the end of the day your fish will be cleaned and packaged for your trip home.