Best Lake Cooper Fishing Guide

Cooper Lake has quickly become Texas’ new BIG BASS factory. Impounded in 1991, Cooper Lake has a surface area of 19,280 acres, and is home to over 10,000 acres of flooded timber loaded with GIANT largemouth bass. If you like to fish flooded timber, Cooper Lake is the place for you!!!

Cooper Lake’s reputation as a trophy bass fishery is well deserved. The lake yields unbelievable numbers of fish over 7 pounds, and the number of 10+ pound bass caught every year is almost second to none. The current lake record stands at 15.17 lbs, but most people believe the STATE record could be caught here at any time.

Let me tell you, this guy can catch big fish!!! You will see him pictured below with his two 11+ pounders, but he did better than that today (March 6, 2003)!!! Brandon called me a couple of weeks ago and said he wanted to learn to fish a jig. We set up the trip to Lake Cooper, and got pretty lucky on the weather. Because of the cold morning, we decided to start the trip after lunch. We knew we would get less bites by throwing the jig, but learning to fish a jig was what we were there to do. After catching a couple of smaller fish, Brandon hooked up with this big toad!!! When she first came to the top, we didn’t think she was quite this big, but when we got her in the boat, we knew she was over 13 pounds. We rushed to the Minnow Bucket to get the official weight and she weighed 13.51 pounds. She had a 21 1/4″ girth and was 24″ long. That’s what I call short and stocky!!! The fish was turned over to David Campbell from the TP&W hatchery in Athens, TX so she can produce more lunkers like herself.

Individual, Group, & Corporate trips
Instructional trips
Beginners or Experienced Anglers
Children welcome (Sand Bass/Hybrid Striper trips available)
Book early to insure the availability of the date of your choice
Artificial lures furnished at no additional cost.
Rods and reels furnished upon request.
Accommodations arranged upon request.

What do we need to bring?

I suggest you bring the following items:

2 or 3 rods and reels per person spooled with quality 20 lb test line

Appropriate seasonal clothing

Rain suit


Sun screen

Fishing cap

Camera & film

Favorite snacks and drinks

Texas Resident or Non-resident fishing license. (For license by mail call Texas Parks & Wildlife 1-800-895-4248)

What will we do for lunch?

Lake Fork has several places to eat on the lake, and we usually take a break to eat lunch at one of these restaurants. Like I mentioned above, we’ll still get in our 9 or 10 hours on the water. If you prefer, we can bring a sack lunch and eat on the water.

Unfortunately, Cooper Lake does not have a marina on the water, so we usually take a break and go into town for lunch. This won’t cut into our fishing time at all. We’ll still get in our 9 or 10 hours on the water. Again, if you prefer, we can bring a sack lunch, and eat on the water. I will do whatever you prefer.

Is there any place to stay near the lake?

On Lake Fork, there are dozens of places to stay. If you would like, I can suggest a couple of these when you contact me about our trip.

Yes. John’s Creek Lodge is just a couple of minutes from the John’s Creek ramp at Cooper Lake. I can help you with the accommodations.

Do you guide on any other lakes?

Yes. By request, I will do guided trips on Lake Gilmer, Lake Monticello, and Big Creek Lake. I do prefer to have a few days notice so I can get prepared for our trip. I want to do my best to ensure that we have the best trip possible.

Last year my buddy and I realized that if we wanted to catch good quality fish at Cooper we were going to have to spend a lot more time than we had available in order to learn the lake. We were tired of going to Cooper and being frustrated with not catching fish and really not knowing where to go.

I found Jason’s website and decided to call him to see if he’d help us. I told him that we wanted to learn how to run the lake and also learn as many techniques as possible in order to effectively catch fish. He told me that he could do just that. He was right! Jason put us on fish and showed us how to catch fish in various conditions. He coached us and helped us out tremendously.

Now when we go to Cooper we know how to navigate the lake and we catch fish. It was amazing to us how much effort Jason put into us having a good time and catching fish. It was like three old friends fishing together and having a good time even though we had just met. He has continued to this day to help us by giving us advice when we need it. He genuinely wants everyone to catch fish whether they have a trip with him or not. I look forward to fishing with Jason in the future. Thank you Jason!!