OH Ivie Bass Fishing Paradise

OH Ivie reservoir is one of the best-kept bass fishing secrets in Texas. This sprawling Lake is the result of the damming of the confluence of the Concho and Colorado rivers in 1990, covering some 19,500 acres in deep clear water. The shores of this lake are teaming with wildlife. While you are fishing this lake you will see deer, turkey, coyotes, bobcats and occasionally mountain lions! In the fall and spring, you will also see many varieties of ducks, migrating ospreys, and an occasional Bald Eagle. OH Ivie is located 55 miles east of San Angelo, TX or 110 miles south of Abilene, TX.

Access to the lake is controlled by the Colorado River authority and is granted at three triple ramps. Two of these are full-service facilities with restaurants, motels, full hook-up RV parks and have state certified scales. The first is Concho Park marina (325-357-4466) which is located 14 miles east of US 83 off of RR 1929 and will put you at the confluence of the Colorado and Concho Rivers.

Elm Creek marina at Kennedy Park (325-667-4776) is also a full-service marina and has an RV park, motel, restaurant, and certified scales. It is located 10 miles west of FM 503 on RR1929. This marina will put you close to the dam at the mouth of Elm Creek. The last ramp is Located in Padgit Park (432-267-6341), 10 miles south of US 67 on FM 503. This ramp has primitive camping and restrooms. All ramps are 5.00 a day and yearly permits are available through the marinas.

Water clarity ranges from crystal clear in the main lake to stained in the Concho arm and murky in the Colorado arm and ranges in depths up to 119 foot. Primary structures in the main lake are humps, ledges and points made of limestone and sandstone. The Concho river structure is mainly sand flats with numerous drainages. The Colorado is mainly mud flats, however, also has many bluffs and steep banks. The lake also has several islands, roadbeds, cemeteries and the old town of Leaday was flooded providing a wide range of structure to fish.

Cover is also widely available in this Lake. With 90% of the timber left standing OH Ivie is covered in Pecan, Oak, Mesquite and Juniper. The primary vegetation consists of Sago, American pondweed, Marine Naiad, hydrilla, Coontail and Salt cedar. The hydrilla is mainly available in the main Lake, Grape creek and Elm creek, but is slowly spreading up both river arms.

Fishing this lake can be phenomenal, with thirty pound plus stringers not surprising any of the locals in the spring. The current lake record being just under 15 pounds many are predicting the next state record is just a castaway. This is also one of the few lakes in Texas with an established smallmouth bass fishery, and though not heavily targeted the lake has a healthy population of large smallmouth with the lake record being just shy of 6 pounds. OH Ivie also has large populations of crappie and catfish. Fishing regulations go by State of Texas guides except for Largemouth and Smallmouth. Largemouth bass has no Minimum length and a five-fish bag limit, but only 2 fish may be below 18 inches. Smallmouth bag is 3 fish with a minimum length of 18 inches.

Bass fishing this lake can be summed up in two words, GO DEEP, with the exception of the spawn most of the trophy fish in this lake will come out of 25 to 35 foot of water. With the vast amount of deep water available on this lake it fishes a lot different than most lakes. The key to finding big fish on OH Ivie is to look for pockets of standing cover on deep flats. The outside grass line can also be good early in the morning and late evenings. The small mouth on this lake seems to hold more true to there traditional habitats. Look for them on Steep rocky banks, points, and ledges.

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